The About-Me-and-My-Blog Post

I installed WordPress two months ago, but I have put off making a first post. First of all, it was because I was finishing my degree. After that, I think I was just waiting for the perfect introductory blog entry. Now that I have realized the perfect entry is not going to happen, I can get started!

Here goes the intro: I’m Heather. I was a school media specialist for two years (my favorite job ever) and have worked at a public library reference desk for the last 2.5+ years. I just got my Master of Library and Information Science degree from Valdosta State University in July, so I am now looking for a permanent position, hopefully in the Midwest. My older brother and his family live in Illinois, and I love it out there. My younger brother and I drove across the country last year, and I really liked all of the people we met and places we saw in the center of the country. And yes, I did make him stop at a few libraries because I love seeing the resources offered by different libraries and the way the libraries are physically set up. In the last two years, I have visited 29 public libraries in 6 states.

I am also a big fan of children’s and young adult books, and I read a LOT. (If you don’t believe me, check out my profile.) When I worked at the elementary school, I had a subscription to School Library Journal. Every month I would read all of the reviews and then highlight the ones I wanted to look at. With the help of a fabulous public library and a really good bookstore, I read as many picture books, nonfiction titles, and novels as I could. I tried to read everything before I put it out on the shelves, and was mostly successful. (I am a very quick reader.) I no longer have a subscription to School Library Journal, but I read the reviews online every month, and I still make a list of the ones I want to read. I also get to read advance reader copies sent to my library system (thank you Baker & Taylor!) or hosted on NetGalley (thank you NetGalley & publishers!)

So, if you haven’t guessed, my blog is going to be mostly about books. Children’s books, and young adult books, though I am particularly fond of children’s novels. I am also very fond of growing things, so plant photos may occasionally show up. And if I visit any really fabulous libraries, I will probably write about them, too!

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