This One’s For You, Ginny!

Almost 6 months ago, my good friend and former co-worker, Ginny, got married. The day she got married I walked out into my backyard to find this:

Best Bet Iris

Now this may not be a big deal to most of you, but I have a VERY hard time getting bearded irises to bloom. I can grow quite a few things, but bearded irises (for me) just end up being leaves, not flowers. I planted this one in the fall of 2009. It grew leaves every year, but it didn’t bloom until April 2012. So I’m pretty sure this one was in honor of your wedding, Ginny! Now I’ve got to wait and see if it blooms again.

This is a German iris called Best Bet and is supposed to bloom in spring and then again in August through October. (I’m not holding my breath on the fall rebloom, but we’ll see.) It should at least flower again next spring.

Happy almost-six-months-anniversary, Ginny!

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